PSYC 100 Happiness

Happiness is a multidisciplinary exploration of human flourishing. The course draws from the academic study of happiness as explored in the humanities, specifically psychology, philosophy, religious studies, cultural studies, history, and law. The course surveys empirical research in the sciences, such as positive psychology, neuroscience, and biology. The content mirrors how it is taught by drawing upon teaching methods used in resiliency education. Ultimately, the course is a study of how humans organize themselves, their internal lives, their relationships, and their environments—communally and globally.
Rutgers University · January 1, 2021
Our course on Happiness was conceived and designed during the coronavirus pandemic. It uses research on resiliency to not only study how educational systems promote well-being but also as a pedagogy for reflecting on how to overcome adversity.


Dr. Nathan C. Walker

President, 1791 Delegates

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Free for Rutgers students.
45 hours for 3 College Credits
9 hours for 1 Certificate

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