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Interfaith Leadership Summit

Virtual Conference | August 12–14, 2022

Come to the Summit with the passion to bring people together and leave equipped with the knowledge and skills to make it happen.


What is the Interfaith Leadership Summit?


The Interfaith Leadership Summit is the largest gathering of students and educators with a commitment to American religious pluralism. Each year, hundreds of people who care about the future of our religiously diverse society converge to learn, train, share, and get inspired to bring the movement for interfaith cooperation back to their campuses and communities. Over the course of three days, participants learn to bridge divides and forge friendships across lines of religious and worldview differences. For the 2022 Summit, we are excited to gather in-person while still offering a virtual component on ReligionAndPublicLife.org.


Who is the Interfaith Leadership Summit for?


Any undergraduate student, graduate student, or educator at an undergraduate college or university within the United States is eligible to attend the Interfaith Leadership Summit.


Contact  [email protected] if you have questions about the event or want to talk with an Interfaith America staff member. Or use the Live Chat below to receive assistance with purchasing your tickets.


AMST 3100 Certificate Program: Leaders for Social Impact
INTF 101 Foundations of Interfaith Leadership
REL 2130 #Interfaith: Engaging Religious Diversity Online
AMST 3000 Certificate in Civic Inclusion
INTL 1200 Certificate in Religion & Human Rights
AMST 4000 Out of Many, One
REL Religious Literacy Across the Professions
LAW 200 Certificate in Religion & Law
HIST 300 Certificate in Religion in Early America
EDU 400 Certificate in Religion & K-12 Education


Yehezkel Landau
M. Arsalan Suleman, JD, MPhil
Lida Azim, MA
Usra Ghazi, MTS
Melissa Levinson, MA
Paul W. Lambert
Dr. Brian J. Grim
Allison K. Ralph
Zeenat Rahman
Tara Zaafran
M. Naeem Nash
Chris Murray
Hind Makki
Azka Mahmood
Afraz Khan
Suzy Ismail
Luna Banuri
Aamina Ahmed
Marwa Abdalla
Liz Kineke
Erum Ikramullah
Petra Alsoofy
Meira Neggaz
Dalia Mogahed

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REL 2130 Course Pack A
AMST 2503 Course Pack A. "Equal Treatment?"
AMST 2501 Course Pack C. "Muslims and the Making of America"
AMST 2501 Course Pack B. "Legal Literacy and Religious Literacy"
AMST 2501 Course Pack A. "Founders Views of Muslims"
AMST 3004 Course Pack: Crisis Mitigation Strategies
AMST 3002 Course Pack: Civic Approaches for Building Inclusive Communities
AMST 2505 Course Pack B. Young Adult American-Born Muslims and Mental Health
AMST 2505 Course Pack A. Resilient American Muslims
AMST 2502 Course Pack B. Bay Area Muslim Study


Resisting Hate

FBI agents and police join scholars of religion to discuss strategies for preventing and responding to religious-based hate crimes.

Live Webinar
Friday, July 23, 2021
12:00 noon Eastern

Chartered Pluralism

Social Studies educators join with policymakers to discuss the importance of civic education in promoting the common good.

Live Podcast
Tuesday, July 8, 2021
12:00 noon Eastern

Environmental Stewardship

Theologians and environmentalists converse about the intersection of religion and the science of global warming.

Live Webinar
Tuesday, July 8, 2021
12:00 noon Eastern

Religion or Culture?

Religious literacy educators join with anthropologists to discuss the relationship between culture and lived religion.

Live Chat
Monday, July 26, 2021
12:00 noon Eastern

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