AMST 3002 Course Pack: Civic Approaches for Building Inclusive Communities

Downloadable course packet for AMST 3002 Civic Approaches for Building Inclusive Communities

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Table of Contents

  • “An American’s Guide to Civic Health: Seven Civic Habits of Healthy Communities,” American Indivisible, May 2021
  • “American Muslim Civic Health,” Institute for Social Policy and Understanding, 2019
  • “Allyship Through Civic Action,” American Indivisible & Shoulder to Shoulder, November 2019
  • “Despite Hateful Social Media Attacks, Local Voters Elect Muslim American Candidates,” NPR, November 2017
  • “New Jersey’s ‘Mile Square’ City Elects First Sikh Mayor,” Voice of America, November 2017
  • “Welcoming the Community: Gurdwara Toolkit,” The Sikh Coalition, September 2012