REL 2130 Course Pack A

In this course packet, you will consider five reasons why it is important to engage religious diversity online and explore how interfaith leadership translates from in-person to online contexts.

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A. “A Priest, A Rabbi, and an Imam Login to a Chatroom…”

B. The Importance of Engaging Religious Diversity Online: A Digital Apologetic

1. Because That’s Where the People Are
2. Because, Despite What You’ve Been Told, Online Interactions are Still Real
3. Because the Internet Makes Many Forms of Human Engagement Much Easier
4. Because of the Very Fact that the Internet is Rife with Prejudice
5. Because There Really Isn’t a Choice Anyway

C. From Interfaith Leadership to Interfaith Leadership Online

1. The Principles Are the Same
2. The Devil is in the Details

a. It’s All Way More Public
b. Authenticity Matters Even More
c. Resist the Pull Toward Performance
d. Work Harder to Create Shared Space