INTF 1101 Interfaith Foundations for Emerging Leaders


The following course is an invite-only course for members of Interfaith America’s Emerging Leaders Network. In this short, self-paced, interactive course, you’ll explore the foundations of interfaith leadership: What is interfaith leadership? What’s its impact? What does excellent interfaith leadership look like? What’s our goal? Upon completion of this course (and a short survey), you’ll become part of something very special: a network of over 2,000 fellow leaders working toward the realization of a truly interfaith America. Welcome. We’re so glad you’re here.

Interfaith America is a non-profit organization that inspires, equips, and connects leaders and institutions to unlock the potential of America’s religious diversity.

Interfaith America’s Emerging Leaders Network inspires, equips, and connects members of our network and the institutions they serve. We equip our leaders to make an impact with grants and learning resources. We inspire by sharing stories of Emerging Leaders creating change in their communities. Finally, we connect our leaders with each other through convenings and fellowships.


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Skills: Civil Dialogue,Community Engagement,Cultural Literacy,Diversity & Inclusion,Empathy,Interfaith Cooperation,Religious Literacy,Resilience

Time: Non-Credit: 90 minutes

Level: College, Graduate, Professional Development


Orient Yourself
1. Meet an Interfaith Leader
2. Define Key Terms
3. See the Goal
4. Recognize the Vision Casters
5. Welcome to the Network!