EAV 300 Virtues in the Public Square

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Virtues in the Public Square is an education initiative of the Religious Freedom Institute. The curriculum draws on the insights of two dozen scholars of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. The lessons translate the classical traditions of virtue for modern audiences. Rooted in the transformative power of Love and in service to the greater public, the project is a potent antidote to rising political strife and polarization. The curriculum models how our many spiritual paths can overlap to forge a common good.

Full Scholarships to All Learners

For a limited time, we are delighted to offer full scholarships to all learners enrolled in this certificate program. Funding for the curriculum development and this scholarship program was made possible by the generous support of the Fetzer Institute. 

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Learners will receive free access to and the companion app and explore eight lessons based on the following virtues: wisdom, justice, courage, temperance, friendship, humility, and generosity.

In each lesson, learners use the app to take the following WISE steps. They Watch videos about the diverse ways that virtue is understood in the three traditions; Interact with retention games to cultivate the civic competency of religious literacy; Study with leading experts by listening to audio roundtables and reading illuminating commentary; and Engage with one another through discussion forums, photo sharing, and games.

Learners will leave the experience having experienced a series of multifaith encounters, having developed the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and motivations for living in a religiously diverse society, and ultimately, working together to virtuously pursue the common good.

Learning Objectives

The following curriculum uses the KSAM hallmarks of religious literacy (pronounced Kah-Zam). By successfully completing this lesson you will:

  1. Increase your Knowledge about how scholars in three faith traditions understand the applicability of classic virtues to modern life;
  2. Develop new Skills to engage in multifaith dialogue online;
  3. Cultivate the Attitudes of curiosity and empathy when invited to seek to understand one another, aware that understanding need not imply agreement; and
  4. Clearly articulate your Motivations for how to encounter people of different faiths in the public square.