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Religion Media Centre

Located in the United Kingdom, Religion Media Centre is an independent, impartial body helping journalists and other media professionals cover world religions and beliefs. We provide accurate, timely and relevant information to the media, enabling the public to be better informed. We aim to improve religious literacy among journalists, media professionals and the wider public.


Our online briefings through The Press Club on help journalists discover more about stories in the news, find new angles and helpful contacts.


Factsheets are written by academics, journalists and commentators to explain the context and background of current religion and belief stories. They include information on festivals, timelines of running stories and suggestions for experts and commentators.

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RSS News Feed: Religion Media Centre
  • Election briefing: Change the language on immigration to one of dignity and respect June 20, 2024
    Public attitudes towards asylum seekers are cold, despite them being only a small fraction of overall migration, so faith leaders are urged to help "change the narrative"
    Lianne Kolirin
  • Election Briefing: Immigration June 20, 2024
    Immigration is among the top four concerns driving voters at the general election, and their religious identity impacts how they regard the issue
    Oliver Bowring
  • Religion news 21 June 2024 June 20, 2024
    Faith communities must help "change the narrative" on immigration; Church of England dioceses in financial trouble; Archbishop Vigano summoned to Rome on charges of schism; Ancient rites of midsummer observed once more at Stonehenge
    Ruth Peacock
  • General Election 2024: the Hindu vote June 19, 2024
    Hinduism is the third largest religion in the UK and while it is not clear how they will vote in the general election, they have, for the first time, come together to launch a manifesto

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Michael Wakelin

Executive Chairman
Religion Media Centre

Our Executive Chair, Michael Wakelin, is available for speaking engagements, training and advice on any matters relating to religion in the media and religious literacy in the public square. As well as being an Executive Producer working across many broadcast networks, he is also a former Head of Religious Broadcasting at the BBC and a founding Director of the Religion and Belief Literacy Partnership.

Ruth Peacock

Editorial Consultant
Religion Media Centre

The RMC has access to a network of expert commentators from the worlds of academia, religious leadership and journalism. Ruth will undertake to match your inquiry with the right contact and ensure a swift exchange of support and ideas as required. Our editorial consultant Ruth Peacock is available for an initial enquiry and has access to, and knowledge of, the full range of our expertise.


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