HUM 301 Introduction to Oral History


Oral History is an accessible research methodology that provides everyday stories with a place in the historical record. In this interactive course, you will uncover the origins of oral history as a distinct research methodology and learn what steps you need to take to begin your project. You will also discover the ways the Institute for Diversity and Civic Life uses oral history as a means to explore the diversity of lived religions in Texas.

Skills: Analytical Thinking, Cultural Literacy, Diversity, Empathy, Oral History, Research, Resilience

Time: Non-Credit: 3 hours

Level: College, Graduate, Professional Development


Sold By: Institute for Diversity and Civic Life


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By successfully completing this course you will:

  • Unpack the complex origins of oral history as a research method;
  • Examine components of an oral history interview;
  • Understand the vocabulary required to identify oral history within other research and storytelling contexts; and
  • Explore foundational oral history projects.


  • 301. W – Watch videos about the origins and application of oral history.
  • 301. I – Interact with retention games about key concepts in oral history.
  • 301. S – Study with oral history specialists through podcasts and course packs.
  • 301. E – Engage your colleagues and share your insights.

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