HUM 303 Oral History Project Planning


In this course, you will cultivate the skills required to design an ethically-guided oral history project. You will reflect on what you hope to learn from your project and build a plan that satisfies your goals. You will develop interview strategies, prepare for your first encounters with potential narrators, and review the Formal Agreement (or Release Forms) needed to conduct oral history interviews.

This course will empower you to

  • Design an oral history project and plan for its organization, accountability and ethical integrity;
  • Recognize the necessary components of Formal Agreements (or Release Form) and learn about informed consent;
  • Prepare an interview guide and identify and secure interviewees; and
  • Conduct pre-interviews and background research.

Skills: Analytical Thinking, Cultural Literacy, Diversity, Empathy, Research, Resilience

Time: Non-Credit: 3 hours

Level: College, Graduate, Professional Development


Sold By: Institute for Diversity and Civic Life


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  • 303. W – Watch videos about how to design an oral history project.
  • 303. I – Interact with exercises to build your confidence in drafting consent documents.
  • 303. S – Study with experts about best practices in oral history research.
  • 303. E – Engage your colleagues and share your insights.

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