AMST 2504 How are American Muslims Treated?


In this interactive course, you will engage a series of “civic tracks” about how American Muslims are treated by the (1) legislative branch, (2) executive branch, (3) judicial branch, (4) law enforcement, and (5) public schools.

Skills: Critical Thinking, Legal Literacy, Media Literacy, Religious Literacy

Time: Non-Credit 3 hours

Level: College, Graduate, Professional Development


Sold By: Institute for Social Policy and Understanding


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Most Americans want to live in a country free from bigotry against Muslims, research shows. Although some Islamophobia exists in the margins, aware that fear and discrimination against Muslims are bad for every American. In this course, you will apply findings from the National American Islamophobia Index to measure just how much the public endorses anti-Muslim tropes. Research reveals a startling trend: discrimination against American Muslims has become institutionalized in five key areas of government: the legislative branch, the executive branch, the judicial branch, law enforcement, and public schools. By studying these systematic trends, you will better understand how prejudice is not simply an interpersonal experience but a mirror into the face of institutionalized discrimination that impacts us all.


Take WISE Steps:

  • 2504. W – Watch informative videos.
  • 2504. I – Interact with timely research.
  • 2504. S – Study from leading experts.
  • 2504. E – Engage your colleagues and share your insights.

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