BUS 810 Custom Executive Education for Diversity & Inclusion

Join internationally recognized leaders in religious freedom and business to examine empirical studies about how to achieve business success in a religiously diverse world. Sessions will include how to cultivate religious literacy as a civic leadership competency. Learn best practices for cultivating religiously inclusive workplaces and honoring religiously-diverse clientele. Special attention will be given to the role that corporations play in promoting social responsibility and how business can be good for religious freedom, and how religious freedom is good for business.

Private Customized Seminars

The Religious Freedom & Business Foundation, in partnership with ReligionAndPublicLife.org, awards the Certificate in Diversity & Inclusion for those who complete a customized executive education seminar. Business leaders survey the religious liberty and religious literacy frameworks for business; examine cutting-edge research and best practices for managing religion and the workplace; and study how business is good for religious freedom and how religious freedom is good for business.


Original price was: $6,750.Current price is: $4,950.



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