The Institute for Diversity and Civic Life

Telling the Many Stories of Us

The Institute for Diversity and Civic Life was founded in 2015 to research, document, and foster public conversations about the rich diversity of Texas. IDCL has a mission to advance more inclusive public spaces through storytelling, research, and education. Our programs harness the power of stories to transform. We create platforms to amplify underrepresented voices, empower Texans to tell their stories on their own terms, and diversify the historical record. Our programs bridge academic and public conversations and cultivate conversations about belonging and recognition. IDCL’s narrative and storytelling initiatives include Religions Texas, a digital archive and oral history project to document the religious diversity of Texas, and the Migration Narratives Project, an initiative supporting community-based narrative projects that document and explore experiences of migration in Texas and contribute to the public understanding of immigration and refugee experiences. IDCL also develops resources and curriculum guides for navigating religious diversity and addressing discrimination in public spaces and schools as well as an online certificate training program in oral history for social change. Our programs expand civic imaginations and build bridges across differences.

Earn a Certificate in Oral History for Social Change

Each course is designed to stand on its own, but the courses are most comprehensive when completed together. 

  • In HUM 301 Introduction to Oral History, you will explore the origins of Oral History as a formal methodology and narrative research approach.
  • In HUM 302 Oral History and Social Justice, you will investigate critical approaches for narrative driven social change and familiarize yourself with ethical frameworks for community-based oral histories.
  • In HUM 303 Oral History Project Planning, you will review best practices for designing a new research project, including seeking consent, identifying and recruiting narrators, and pre-interview preparation.
  • In HUM 304 Conducting Oral History Interviews, you will learn interviewing techniques, including listening and questioning styles, time management, and recording equipment.
  • In HUM 305 Archiving and Curating Oral Histories, you will learn how to process, transcribe, and code transcripts. You will explore best practices for narrator follow-up, editing, and archiving. You will also identify engagement strategies for educating communities about your findings.

Our Experts. Your Success.

Tiffany Puett, Ph.D.

Executive Director
Institute for Diversity and Civic Life

Elizabeth M. Melton, Ph.D.

Director of Public Engagement
Institute for Diversity and Civic Life

Eleonora Anedda, M.A.

Oral Historian and
Curriculum Development Specialist
Institute for Diversity and Civic Life

Our Services

Hire experts from the Institute for Diversity and Civic Life to serve as keynote speakers and panelists for online events, lead a workshop, or advise on an initiative. IDCL offers consulting services in two main areas: 1. oral history and narrative research project design and implementation, which includes archive curation and interviewing techniques and skills, and 2. religious diversity and civic life in Texas. All fees benefit the Institute for Diversity and Civic Life, a nonprofit educational organization.


Customized Educational Experience

Donation benefits the
Institute for Diversity and Civic Life
  • 90-minute workshop
  • Breakout rooms
  • Cloud recording
  • Downloadable slides
  • Up to 100 attendees


Hire IDCL Experts
Starting at $1,500
Donation benefits the
Institute for Diversity and Civic Life
  • Oral history and narrative research project design
  • Interviewing techniques and skills
  • Archive Curation
  • Religious diversity and anti-racism
  • Religious diversity in Texas